Sofa Upholstery

Sofa Upholstery

Short Description

Give your sofa new life by adding padding, springs, webbing, and fabric or leather covers. We specialize in sofa upholstery repair in Dubai. Selecting fabric for your sofa or armchair’s upholstery can be challenging. It is important for us to consider comfort, style, and durability. You can extend the life of your sofa by choosing the right inner layers. Despite the fact that they are not visible from the outside, these materials contribute significantly to comfort.


Product Description

As a team of specialists, we provide the best sofa upholstery repair services in Dubai. Professionals at our company perform the appropriate repair work on your old sofa. Any change you need in your old or torn sofa can be done by us. Adding a modification will bring out even more luxury and comfort. Furthermore, we have sofa specialists on call at all times to repair squashy couches, torn cushions, and ripped seams.


Fabrics in our exclusive range include plains, jacquards, and printed designs. Providing quality products, professional service and outstanding value is our top priority. We provide you with mattresses tailored to your cot size. Also, you can get advice on selecting the right mattress. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our team of experts and professionals.


Sofa, armchair & other upholstery fabrics:

With our new upholstery fabrics, you can give your furniture a fresh look that matches the season. You can spruce up your dining room by reupholstering your dining chairs with one of our handwoven tweed fabrics. If you want to freshen up your living area, reupholstering your sofa or armchair can be an inexpensive and quick solution. A bold abstract print can be used for your sofa fabric, and you can mix & match it with raffia fabric in a similar colorway to give it a sophisticated feel.


We provide sofa fabrics in every texture, material, and hue such as printed upholstery fabrics, tweed, velvets, herringbone, woven, striped, and neutrals. You can also upholster your armchairs with our floral fabrics. It looks amazing on velvet armchairs as well. The quality of all our fabrics is ensured with a robust quality check prior to dispatch. As a result of lighting variations, colors may vary.


Your living room or lounge furniture will look fantastic with Freedom Tree’s signature woven and printed upholstery. We also offer upholstery fabrics that are suitable for blinds and heavyweight curtains. Any custom requirements you may have can be handled by us.

With India’s finest range of designer fabrics for your contemporary home & modern office, you can explore India’s finest range of upholstery fabrics. We deliver our items safely across India for free, and we make shopping online easy and safe. Our prices are inclusive of taxes & shipping costs with no hidden fees.