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If you want to create a serene and relaxed space that is full of personality, the right wallpaper can be essential. Our range of bedroom wallpaper options allows you to create whatever style you’re looking for, for every family member. Our range ensures you can explore different bedroom wallpaper ideas before settling on any final look and you may even get some inspiration before you plan your room’s whole design.

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Bedroom Wallpaper

The wallpaper you choose for your bedroom depends on your personal style. Our range incorporates the perfect designs to create feature walls with our modern bedroom wallpaper designs ensuring you have a large number of stylish options to choose from. We appreciate the feel you want for your bedroom is entirely personal which is why we ensure our collection is far-reaching with elegant luxury bedroom wallpaper alongside modern brick-effect prints and vintage shabby chic styles.

Our aim is to help you create the perfect bedroom, with bedroom wallpapers available to suit all styles. Many of our wallpapers can be samples, so you can test drive a few different looks and see which is the best option for your bedroom. Feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have.


Designer Wallpaper Ideas for Your Living & Bedroom:

Most homes have a living room as their social center. This makes the appearance and feel of these rooms crucial. No one can deny that wallpapers designed for living rooms are a lovely way to transform the look of living rooms not only in India but all over the world. While choosing a pattern, it is important to take some time to consider your options.

A room’s color, for instance, sets the mood. Red and yellow are warm colors that accentuate the room’s positivity and vibrancy. Textured wallpapers can hide visible flaws on uneven walls. You can create a formal look by using smaller motifs, while you can create an eccentric look by using irregular patterns.
Lines that appear vertical make the ceiling appear higher and lines that appear horizontal create the illusion of a broader space. As a result, it is the little differences in wallpaper aesthetics that change the dynamics of rooms in general.
Let’s look at how different wallpaper ideas impact the aesthetics of your living room!



A diffused pattern is ideal for compact spaces:
A room’s outlook can be improved by abstract or diffused wallpaper patterns. In addition to giving your living room a sense of spaciousness, it can also give it a feeling of compactness.
Subtle patterns and lighter colors add charm:
Lighter colors tend to have a softer charm. When you combine subtle patterns with ample daylight, your interiors will certainly feel warmer. Because of the tropical climate in India, your living room probably receives a lot of sunlight during the day.
In this context, light-coloured wallpapers light up your living rooms completely.


To Strike the Ideal Look, Mix and Match Patterns:

Different wallpapers have different effects on your living room walls. Scenic ones, for instance, are determined by the aesthetics of the scenery. Furthermore, wooded landscape patterns can add a sense of vastness that transcends physical boundaries.

  1. A wallpaper can mimic a three-dimensional effect: Shading in wallpaper adds depth and volume to certain patterns. Wallpapers of this type can create the illusion of 3D on your walls. A life-like superimposition can add a new lease of life to your living room.
  2. Bedrooms are next on our list: Bedrooms are often private retreats that demand a particular aesthetic.

An elegant and thoughtful bedroom wallpaper design could be just what your beautiful bedroom is missing. After a long day, bedrooms are the perfect place to unwind and drift off to sleep. Therefore, choosing a suitable wallpaper is crucial to setting a calm and relaxing atmosphere. We will take a look at a few brilliant bedroom wallpaper ideas that bring about a sense of tranquility and beauty.



  1. Creativity Awaits Behind Your Headboard: Make a feature wall behind a headboard to display the bed. Putting the focus on the center of the room and opening up the rest is a good idea. Your bedroom décor can be balanced out with monochrome wallpaper if your furniture is colored.
  2. Design a classy and artistic feature wall: A budget-friendly design like this uses little space but has a huge creative impact. The best place for an artwork-sized wallpaper panel is above the bed or between closets in the bedroom. The only roll of wallpaper required for this style makes it a low-cost yet classy way to decorate.


– Engage The Most Visible Wall
Feature walls aren’t required on the back of headboards. Often, beds are placed alongside the doorway and the headboard is visible only once you enter the bedroom. In such circumstances, you may wish to decorate the wall along the bed with modern wallpaper.


– An Impressive Wallpaper Wardrobe
Curating a ‘feature’ wall can sometimes require thinking outside the box. Make a fashion statement with your wardrobes by adding a suitable wallpaper.
The wallpaper of a wardrobe adds a touch of spunk to an otherwise plain bedroom interior. Additionally, repurposing furnishings to enhance the ambience of a room is always a great idea.

Designer wallpapers in India are an excellent addition to existing décor, whether in bedrooms or living rooms. They can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you do a feature wall or a wallpapered wardrobe to save money, these options can make your interiors look spacious and wider. Excel Wallpapers comes into play because good wallpaper ideas can be hard to come by. The variety of patterns and colors will uplift any room’s décor (whether it’s in your bedroom or living room).